PS1 Warm-Up!

This past Saturday, prior to being assaulted on the subway platform, I went to one of the coolest things I’ve seen New York offer thus far. The MOMA PS1 Warm-Up.

Pretty much, it is a big outdoor party at MOMA’s PS1 in Long Island City, Queens where a variety of experimental bands and DJs perform every Saturday in the summer. PS1 is an old school house that is now a huge experimental art gallery. I LOVED it. I am definitely going back.

For $15 you got into the event AND got into the museum! The museum normally is $10 so it is a good deal!

The whole event was just so creative and cool. The crowd was cool. The music was cool. The art was cool. I felt like I was in an episode of Girls.

I just felt like I was in a big crowd where anything would be okay. And I love that– no judgement- just great beer, lots of sweating and dancing. It was SUPER hot but this monstrous art piece called Betsy was an eco-piece that misted us, shaded us, and kept us cool.

And the art was AWESOME. Some really weird pieces but a few that I absolutely fell in love with. What made the pieces even better was to go through them all, go meet people outside, and discuss the pieces with them! It was such a great time.

Enjoy the pics below:

Grafitti in Queens

Welcome to Long Island City…

PS1 Warm Up

The stage surrounded by the school with the great crowd!

Open Air Room PS1

Love this exhibit! You opened the door to a classroom, and all of a sudden you were outside!

Weirdest Piece– Car Wash Buffers on a Wall (Snuck this picture!)

confetti room

One of my favorites– a room filled with confetti and fans blowing! The hills and valleys that were made were so cool! I snuck this picture through the glass door…

My favorite exhibit by far– 40 speakers in a circle around the room. Each speaker is an individual voice! Stand in the middle and it is magical! (and the ceiling is awesome)

MOMA PS1 Hallway

The old school (literally) hallway of MOMA PS1

PS1 Betsy

The gigantic piece of art/air conditioning called Betsy.


34 thoughts on “PS1 Warm-Up!

  1. The first picture you posted is actually of 5 Pointz a graffiti artists retreat where artists live and can get permits to paint, but not for long since they are slated to be torn down in the near future. But it’s still a pretty amazing place for street art.

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