The Perks of the Event Industry

Sometimes, being in events means you get to go to events. Especially in the summertime when everyone is dead slow and people want to generate some possible new events and clients to add to the calendar,  venues will host industry events.

And that was just the case on Tuesday night when me and the team went to the 620 Loft at Rockefeller Center. Yep– Rockefeller Center!

The Loft was hosting a “Holiday Preview”, I guess to give potential clients an idea of what they could do for hosted holiday parties. Truthfully, the idea was weird and not hosted well. And it is an outdoor space– so that confused me a bit too. But it was a BEAUTIFUL space with some great vendors present. Definitely got some ideas for the future!

And it was SO nice to get an invitation instead of sending them!

Enjoy the glam below:

Rockefeller Center

Our host for the evening

620 Loft Holiday Preview

Some really cool rental pieces! Tables with recessed floating candles!

620 Holiday Party Preview

A full sushi wall.. with crazy BLT and pastrami salmon sushi

620 Loft Holiday Preview

A full dessert wall… I was not a fan of these.

620 loft holiday preview

A bar made entirely out of ice (to go with the holiday theme)

620 Loft Holiday Party

ENTIRELY out of ice! Including the cocktail punch bowls!

620 loft holiday preview

To go along with the ice theme… a vase made out of ice! That was a first!

620 loft holiday party

And then the outdoors portion… with the most dapper guitarists of all time!!

St Paul's from 620 Loft

And the View… Oh hey St. Paul’s!

Quite the view and quite the event!


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