Calle Ocho… Calle Awesome

As I’ve mentioned before (like here, here, here, and here) weekend brunch is a BIG thing to do in New York. Like evvvvvverybody goes to brunch. And this is one trend that I am totally happy to hop on the bandwagon for. I mean- who wouldn’t?? And a New York brunch is not complete without your choice of “morning cocktail.” And the best brunch places give you multiple really good cocktails.

Well today, I found my new favorite really awesome brunch place in the city- Calle Ocho.

Located inside the Excelsior hotel right on Central Park, this place was bumpin’ even before the doors were opened! As soon as the doors opened, we found out the tables were completely booked with reservations– but the lounge and bar were exactly the same menu and there was no time limit (I guess there is a time limit at tables??… crazy) So that is what we did… and it was wonderful.

Calle Ocho New York

My stud of a friend John– too many menu choices!

Calle Ocho New York

Brunch started off right– with bread (A rarity in New York) Not just bread.. chocolate bread and warm dough things!

Why was this place so bumpin’ you ask? Well first the mexican brunch menu is relatively inexpensive and delish. But really, people were there for the unlimited sangria. In like 8 different flavors. It was sangria heaven.  And you didn’t have to pay any extra! It comes with your meal! It was INSANE and UNHEARD OF.

Sangria at Calle Ocho

The many sangria choices at Calle Ocho!

Calle Ocho New York

Adding the fresh fruit to all the drinks!

So yes. We had an awesome time. The various sangria flavors were awesome and fresh (and we didn’t even try them all!), the atmosphere was wonderful, the bill was cheap, the farmer’s market across the street that I got fresh fruit at was also wonderful, and most awesome- the company was wonderful. And so poetic! My sweet friends Cody and Emily had brunch with me my first weekend in New York when they were interns. They have both now moved back for full time jobs and this brunch we got to greet Emily back to the city! Very sweet indeed.

I recommend it. I love it. I’m definitely going back.

calle ocho new york

I was too excited to a get a food pic! But this is what our plates looked like a lot… We ate REALLY slow to continue to enjoy our sangria!

At Calle Ocho

My sweet friends with jobs! Reunited and it feels so good…


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