A Special Visitor and My Favorite Part of the Weekend

This weekend was a busy one, but thank goodness life cleared off my schedule for a short time on Saturday to meet up with this wonderful lady. I love visitors- I feel lucky that I live in a place that people want to visit, but I can’t tell you how amazingly wonderful it was to see this friend in particular.

Allyson Lynch and I.

Pardon the squinty eyes…

Ms. Allyson Lynch, my friend, mentor, fellow blogger, and high school AP English teacher stopped in a for a quick day trip on Saturday and while our visit was brief, it was SO unbelievably fulfilling. While we  haven’t seen each other in over two years (CRAZY), and our lives have lead us on different journeys, being together felt just like we were right back at home (even among crazy tourists, Chinatown, and sweating profusely).

And that my friends, was my favorite part of the weekend. Love you Lynch!



10 thoughts on “A Special Visitor and My Favorite Part of the Weekend

  1. That’s awesome you got to see Lynch! I haven’t seen her in at least five years; her AP English class had a significant impact on my writing.

  2. I also foundnd your blog from #YOLO Mondays and I think, you have a new follower! I have been once in NY and I fell in love with! And will come back one day!! (but flying from Germany to NY is a little bit expensive :-) )
    Love to read about your NY adventure life!!

    and thatsmine.blogspot.com


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