Outdoor Movie… ON A BOAT

First, I apologize for the crappy photos. Pictures at dusk are not fun/easy to take.

Last Friday I got to experience one of those “New York things” that I had been wanting to experience since I moved here- an outdoor movie.

Outdoor movies around New York City are a HUGE thing. Parks, rooftops, parking lots, waterfronts, all have outdoor movies. When I first moved here, I was so busy trying to find a home and starting my job that I never got to take advantage of the awesomeness that is outdoor movies.

But on Friday, not only did I get to take advantage of an outdoor movie, I got to see an outdoor movie ON A BOAT. The USS Intrepid. Well technically… it is a floating aircraft carrier. And technically… now it is a floating air and space museum. But anyways… I was on a boat!!!

The Intrepid is SO cool (aren’t you proud of me Grandpa Steve?). Now home to really old planes and most recently the Space Shuttle Enterprise (so baller), The Intrepid floats like a mammoth on the Hudson. And I seriously need to go back to see the rest of the museum.

But anyways… back to the movie….

All outdoor movies in New York make you wait in line. Cause they are awesome and FREE (most all the time) and people want good seats. So why wouldn’t be wait? So after waiting to get in, and then waiting to get scanned (we were on a big aircraft carrier after all), we finally made it up to the deck.

Lauren’s key to outdoor movies:

  1. Sit in the back  (1) so you don’t feel as claustrophobic especially when in smaller contained spaces like a boat, (2) so you feel far more comfortable heckling, giggling, and chatting amongst friends and pondering over where the projector is coming from on the inflatable screen.
  2. Bring a HUGE blanket (or an old sheet in our case), so you claim more room to spread out.
  3. Have a wide variety of fun and entertaining snacks. Who brought the carrots to the movie!?!? Guilty!
  4. Bring along really awesome friends who will help entertain you when you wait for the movie to start. Like these chicks:And this weird guy:
  5. Make sure you are going to a movie you want to actually see! We saw Spiderman (the original Toby Mc. version) and we knew we would like it (even though the new one KICKS ITS BUTT!) But I could never see a “deep” movie when there are so many distractions around me. Like this big boat:
    Or Miriam:
    Or the Empire State Building:It was an AWESOME night that was CHEAP and SO FUN. I highly recommend check them out!! And where can you find all these summer movies? Right here.

Hoorah for free, wonderful, quintessential New York!


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