On To The Next Adventure…

New York is not about staying stagnant. New York is about chasing dreams. This sounds incredibly cliche and lame.

But since moving to New York, it has been my dream to work here:

Lincoln Center. The mecca for performance. A celebration of the arts in the middle of the city. Every time I walked onto the plaza my heart flutters. Surrounded by the arts- alive and well.

In an extraordinary turn of events, an opportunity opened that is perfect  for me. And after much deliberation, discussion, and reflections, I am leaving my current job and heading to work events for the New York City Ballet. 

Gosh. Just typing that gives me chills. I will be working at Lincoln Center.

Specifically here:

I’m scared. I’m leaving my comfortable job for a new challenge.  But now is the time to take risks right? And the feeling of terror can often be confused with excitement I think. And working for the arts, working for something I’m passionate about, kind of trumps that fear.

I’m grateful. SO SO grateful. In a time where so many are finding it difficult to get a job, I’ve had two now. I’m twenty three. I’ve reached a goal. And I will never take that for granted.

It is bittersweet for sure. I’m so sad to be leaving my current job, my extraordinarily supportive team, my desk with the window. all my friends I’ve made and the job that I know the complete ins and outs of.

But if you stay safe- stop challenging yourself and stop growing- what else are you going to do with your life?

Time to jump…

So I’ve got two weeks, two crazy weeks left. And then, on the anniversary of my first day of work, on my one year anniversary of living in the city, I’ll be off to start the next adventure.

So bear with me. I might be a little MIA for a while (in real life and in blog life) while I adjust to this new adventure.

But if you hang in there with me and stay a bit longer, I promise it will be a wild ride.


10 thoughts on “On To The Next Adventure…

  1. Congratulations, Lauren! I am so proud of you and know you will be successful on this new adventure. Yesss! Follow your dreams!

  2. yay! lauren i am SO excited for you! the lincoln center is amazing so i can’t wait to hear about all the details of the new job. (i think my comments keep getting marked as S P A M so I’m sorry if i’m blowing up your comment box)

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