Lauren Does Broadway (Thrice!)

So this is my third time around with the Broadway posts, and since my last Broadway review, I’ve seen 3 more shows, 2 in the last week!. Again, none of which I paid for at full price! It is the only way to go!

As an update, out of the 3 shows I reviewed last time (Mountaintop, Wit, and Relatively Speaking), none of the shows are still playing. All were limited engagements! Exciting to see famous stars in shows but such a downfall that they are only put on for a limited time.

Here are my thoughts on my most recent experiences (2 of which ARE still playing!):

Death of a Salesman.

I already wrote about this experience previously (because it totally deserves its own post) so I won’t dwell on it- but- LIFE CHANGING. Simply amazing and beautiful and a limited engagement. So sorry! But again– I rushed so super cheap!

Jersey Boys

I’ve seen Jersey Boys twice before in Chicago, but this by far was just the best. You see it and you think, “Oh this is the BROADWAY cast!” Not until after the show was over did I realize the Franki Valli character IS STILL played by the original Tony Award winning actor! So it WAS the best! It was so fun and I could totally see it 100 more times. I love the music and the show moves so quick! And after getting cheap tickets from the TKTS booth, I saw it with my family, and they were all smiles too.


I’ve never been a fan of this show. The music is weird and the plot is confusing. But let’s be real, my mom and I didn’t rush cheap tickets to see Andrew Lloyd Weber music, we went for Ricky Martin. Yowza. Yummy. It was a really well done production, and I got to see Michael Cerveris (the original Sweeney Todd!) but by far the best part was Ricky and his well-fit costume. And I got to see it for cheap. Student Rush tickets for $39 in seats that are normally $157! Go Broadway for Broke People!

So all in all, the success continues!! But how could it not be?? It is Broadway.

So here is my complete show rating to date:

If you want just a classic fun show that you’ll be singing and trying to figure out the dance moves to afterwards: Jersey Boys

If you want to see Ricky Martin shake his Bon Bon: Evita

If you want a visual experience: War Horse

If you can go back in time: Bonnie and Clyde, Mountaintop, Wit, or Follies

If you can go back in time and want to change your life: Death of a Salesman

If you want to go back in time AND all of the others are sold out: Relatively Speaking

More to come I’m hoping very soon!!

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3 thoughts on “Lauren Does Broadway (Thrice!)

  1. evita is one of my favorite shows EVER. i love love love love love broadway! gosh i could see a show every night. although i have YET to see wicked. i know. i know. thanks for linking up, girl!!

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