The First Day!

Well, today was the day!! I started the new job! And like the first time around, it was just a lot of paperwork and setting things up. But so far do good!!

And I’m not gonna lie, I got right off the train (no transfer needed!) walked to my new office, and just smiled and soaked it in.

Not too shabby of an office right?

Amid trying to get a new ID and then trying to find my way back to my office space, after going a little “Black Swan” and lurking through the random hallways, taking elevators to no where and hitting dead ends, I walked in here:

Pretty darn gorgeous.

I think I’m going to like it here :)


3 thoughts on “The First Day!

  1. Cool! The nice thing about starting a new job is that, while you may feel judged because it’s your first impressions you are giving out, no one expects much from you for the first week or so – that is your time to shine, when “the new kid” takes the bull by the horns and tackles tasks head on. Good luck & I didn’t read your whole blog (ie, maybe the last one was an internship or something) but I hope this one lasts more than a yr if you want it to. BTW, lovely ceiling in the one room you stumbled upon! Love it!

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