Time to Disconnect

Tomorrow I’m heading to Europe for over a week.

I’m incredibly unprepared.
I’m going by myself.
I couldn’t be less concerned.

Wait. The event planner?? Completely unprepared? Yep. It’s weird.

Really, I’m shocked how okay with it all I am. I mean, no doubt I will have a few minor freakouts. Probably tomorrow waiting for the plane. But I think it will be worth it.

And I can’t wait to be by myself. All I’m going to do is focus on where I’m going next and what bar I should go to for tapas. Because as much as I’m going away to see the sights and be in another culture, I’m really excited just to get out of New York too.

So I’m totally disconnecting. No phone. No Facebook. No blogging. Just enough emails to tell my parents I’m alive. I can’t wait.

So see you later blog. Adios amigos!


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