I’m Back.

Hey friends. I missed you.

Can I get minorly deep for a second?

When we last saw each other, I wasn’t in the best spot. I was overwhelmed, unhappy, and just not feeling like myself. And then I disconnected- I went to Spain, I learned to like myself again, and life got a lot better.

On my travels I did a lot of thinking- I realized that I was putting myself out there too much. I wasn’t living enough for myself and instead, every moment was a potential opportunity to report back to the blog or just be external instead of internal- and that is just so unhealthy and partially the reason I felt like I wasn’t super connected to myself.

So for the last two months, I’ve put down the computer. I’ve stopped taking pictures of my food or jotting down ideas for blogs and instead I sit and just breathe. I look around and just be where I am. And it is wonderful.

But as I was gone- emails, comments, and questions kept coming to me.  I’m so glad that my blog has become a resource for people and that there are other people out there like me! So that is why I am back… sort of. The other reason I’m back, is to get back to the real reason I started blogging- for my Grandma. I want to document my journey, my highs and lows to have for the future, and to share with the people I love.

So I’m back. But with caution. Sorry Grandma- you aren’t going to see as much of what I ate for dinner but I think what you will see, will be more worthwhile. They might not be as frequent, cause Lord knows I still have the new job to get used to. But I’m hoping to focus a bit more- answer some of those questions. Maybe start a series or two based off of what I hear from others? What do you think?

And there will be typos. Cause for me, the joy of writing is not in the proofing.

I’m not making any promises- cause promises lead to unnecessary stress. But I’m glad to be back and glad to be with you : )

Hope you are well! I’d love to hear how life has gone for you the past two months.



5 thoughts on “I’m Back.

  1. yay! so glad you’re back and SO glad that you took time for YOU. i know so many people DON’T do that and instead burn out – and that is no good. can’t wait to hear what you’ve been up to, girl.

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