Welp, I’m 24. As a wise friend said- it can’t be that bad of a year when you have an TV show named after it. But Taylor Swift also has stopped writing songs about my age soooo yeahhhh.

Truthfully though- I had an amazing birthday. Between my surprise birthday party at work, to an evening of friends, to an adventure filled day in Central Park, visiting the MET (for the first time!), dinner at one of my favorite NYC restaurants, and a hilarious movie (go see Pitch Perfect), it was such a happy day. I’m so thankful to all of my friends who went out of their way to make the day special. I’m SO thankful for them!!

23 was definitely the most challenging year to date (who knew what all it would entail this time last year!). Between switching jobs, knee surgery, and just the overall shock of adult life- it was a big game changer. I definitely learned more about myself (for good and for bad) in this last year. While I don’t think I would ever want to repeat year 23 in full, I’m so glad it has left me where I am. I am more sure of what I want in life than ever (which still isn’t concrete, but I’m more sure that I don’t know concretely what I want out of life- than ever).

I’m happy to report that my 23 year of life has given me a great path for a kickass 24th year. I’m stronger, more grounded, and more me than I ever have been before. I have a feeling it could be really good…



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