One day at work

So I work for the Ballet. But when the Ballet is off season, other groups come in and play. And lots of cool people come in to use the space- it’s become pretty normal to see crazy set-ups on stage. That is why this last week, when it looked like they were setting up an awards ceremony stage, I didn’t pay much attention to it- until a colleague of mine told me that Michael Buble was spotted in the building.

The amazing set!

We of course immediately dropped everything we were doing and went on a man hunt. Thank goodness we have friends in high places that could get up backstage passes and the schedule of events for the day :)

Find out- PBS was filming their Great Performances Anniversary special that night! We got there just in time to hear Michael Buble’s sound check. It was like a private concert just for us! He even made farting noises into the mic. And it’s very weird to hear a big time star criticize his own voice!

Michael Buble singing just for us!

After a little bit of convincing, I rearranged my plans for the evening and we all got to stay for the show! And oh my gosh am I so glad I did!!! Julie Andrews opened the show!

Maria/Mary Poppins herself!!!

And then Audra Mcdonald performed Stars and the Moon, my favorite song of hers!

Audra Mcdonald!

then David Hyde Pierce shows up, Josh Groban sings two songs, Izthak Perlman jams out on the violin, Don Henley comes out singing, and my good friend Michael Buble closes the show again!

It was an absolutely amazing night and another day at the office!







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