One of the things I wanted to do on my long Thanksgiving weekend was get out of the city.

I hadn’t left the city since I went to Spain 3 months ago, so I was ready for an escape. But with the short time frame, holiday crowds and wanting to be a little cheap- I decided to take a little day trip.

So I got on the Metro North train (first time!) and headed up to Tarrytown, New York. Known for being the home of Washington Irving and also being home to the village of Sleepy Hollow (renamed after Sleepy Hollow from Irving’s The Legend of Sleepy Hollow), I’d heard the town was just the darn cutest little thing. And that is exactly what I wanted. Tiny town. Nothing taller than 3 stories. Cars as the main form of transportation.

So I got off the train and just walked around. It took a whole 2 hours to see the majority of Tarrytown. But I found a Main Street, little shops, antique stores, and Main Street Sweets where I sat and ate ice cream while the high school employees served milkshakes and cones to the many families that entered. It was pretty perfect.

And then I got on the train and headed back to Harlem.

It was a short little excursion but hopefully the first of many now that I know how to do it!

Enjoy picturesque Tarrytown :)

Metro north to tarrytown

The view from the train.

Sleepy Hollow!

Picket fence = picture perfect. And there were picket fences everywhere.

Main Street, Tarrytown, New York. Please not candy stripe awnings and cars!


2 thoughts on “Tarrytown

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