Hot Guys and Holidaze!

Well folks, the holidays have officially hit Harlem once again this year. Now we are old pros.

I confirmed that the hot lumberjack man was back again to sell trees across the street. He indeed was. Plaid and all.

So the roommates allowed me the “opportunity” to purchase our wreath this year. (Our little apartment is a little too awkward for a tree… and those things around here are $$$ that none of us are willing to fork over).

So I got our little wreath this year. NEW this year: Cupcake tins snowflakes I hung from paperclips. Ghetto-chic.20121204-175703.jpg

But this year, when I made the trek to get our wreath, the lumberjack was totally smitten enough to give me free trimmings too. Ohhhhhh yeahhh free trimmings. We are getting married.

So with the free trimmings, I made my own Etsy-fied Christmas tree in my room. Mason jar and all. It is tiny but odoriferous.


So there you have it folks. Holidays has hit Harlem. AND the grocery store across the street even started carrying low-fat eggnog. I think it is the first low-fat item I’ve ever seen in the store (we’re not ones for skimping on fat around here).


I decided this year to decorate the outside of my “house” too. So when ALLLL the carolers and families in minivans circle the nay-bah-hood they’ll notice my “house” this year as well. No animatronic deer though.


Yep. Those are XMAS lights around my security bars on my windows. I’ll get a photo from the outside when I think it’s safe to go outside in the dark again.

Just kidding.
Kind of.

BOOM y’all. XMAS.


One thought on “Hot Guys and Holidaze!

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