Gerard (My Best Friend) Butler

Tonight I was walking to the subway after a long day of work and I saw some tenting up at the local movie theater. Being the event professional that I am, I was curious. I noticed the pipe and draping, noticed the step-and-repeat, noticed the paparazzi and being at a movie theater- duh- movie premiere.

When I got closer I saw this poster for this movie I will never see cause I don’t care to spend $16 on predictability:


So right as I cleared the crosswalk to see what was going on, a large black SUV opened its door to my left. I immediately turned around and right as I did, Gerard Butler got out (hot steamy guy above). Man- security sucked. I just used the crosswalk and ended up right next to him!

As he entered the tent to walk the red carpet, I caught this AWARD WINNING PHOTO.

20121205-213007.jpgYou can be jealous. I mean, we are pretty much best friends now.

Check out more of my creepy celebrity stalking here and here annnnnddd here.


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