Do you want to do something really cool?


So as some of you might now, I have a side-hustle as a relationship columnists. Yep Yep. Totallllly true.

I don’t promote every one of my articles on this here blog, but this one I think is really fun and I would LOVE to get some of my blog friend’s input.

So here is the premise:

If you could ask a guy anything- what would it be? Are you too uncomfortable to say it? Do you just not want to admit you’re wondering? Tell me and I will ask them!

I’m not trying to group all guys together into one big man brain or anything, I think it is just awesome to hear what a panel of guys has to say in regards to lady questions. And the more lady questions- the better! Oh yeah… you have to be a lady to participate… duh.

So here is the article:

Questions for Men- from YOU!

Add your question to the mix! Feel free to change your name for anonymity or whatever. 

Next week I’ll have the answers! Thanks blog buddies!


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