I’m going to tell you why my Dad is awesome.

So as we all know, my dad is pretty awesome.

Today though, my dad reminded me of just how awesome he really is.

I read my dad’s post about his relationship with his Elijah, a young kid who he mentors who has now become a great little addition to the family.

To sum it up- Elijah was connected to my dad through a wonderful organization called Amachi. While Elijah is lucky enough to have my dad, many children still need help and the organization’s funding has been cut. My dad has asked his readers to donate. My dad himself promised to match donations up to $1000. Tears were in my eyes by the end of the story- and then I remembered- this was my Dad. And then the tears were really in my eyes.

Today my dad posted this picture. Elijah and my dad delivering a check for over $5,000 to the Amachi organization. And hopefully this is just the first of many checks.



I’ve absolutely never been more proud of my dad. I only hope my heart can grow to be as big as his.

Please read this story. Please please please read this story.  And read the comments as well. It is absolutely amazing to see what an online community can do!

And if you can- please give. The link is on the bottom of my Dad’s original post. If nothing else, I hope you can continue to forward this article so other people can see how awesome my Dad is :)

And for those of you that have already read the article…. the door is being installed tomorrow!! Hooray for Elijah!!!!


2 thoughts on “I’m going to tell you why my Dad is awesome.

  1. Hi friend, just wanted to thank you for sharing this story. After a long day full of a lot of stress about silly things, it just really hit my heart and put things in perspective. I am grateful for you and your truly awesome dad for making that happen. Hope all is well :)

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