Back to bizniz

After a Christmas experience very different than years past, I’m back in New York.

Though I never vocalized it pre-25th, I was nervous about Christmas this year. It was the first time not seeing my mom on Christmas ever, not going out to California for part of the holiday, and it was the shortest Christmas vacation to date.

But the holiday went surprisingly well. Thanks to the blessing that is technology, I had a very Skype Christmas. And it was weird how almost normal it really was.


And although the vacation back to Knoxville was short, it was rich. I was able to see so many friends, spend quality time with the family, and even make a visit to see the grandparents in West Virginia.

And then I was back to work on the 26th.

The vacation was just what I needed. I got out of the city, got back to my country home, and now I’m rejuvinized. I think being away from the city made me realize how good the city is for me. Sure, it makes you a cold-hearted, soul-less person, (Ex: fight on the street being videotaped instead of broken up last night), but this city has also made me grow a ton. My job is so good for me. My life here is so good for me. So I think I’ve got another lap here.

And last night, I went to an improv show, went to a bar whose bartender greeted me with a hug, then watched gay men line dance on top of a bar. Not to shabby New York.

And today it is snowing. It is beautiful. I’m glad to be back home.



One thought on “Back to bizniz

  1. I’m never so acutely aware that I’m a New Yorker than when I leave the city. Depending on where I go, at first it may be a beautiful and restful experience, but somewhere towards the end of my exodus from the city, I start itching to come back to the city that never sleeps, and sadly, too often can be jaded. But alas, that is the push and pull of being a New Yorker.

    Glad that your vacation went well. Happy New Year!

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