There are some things New York is good for

Hey y’all- long time no type.

Truthfully- life has taken a mind of its own. Good news- I see the light maybe like two weeks away? Maybe. I think so.

But in the mean time I just wanted to share something that has helped me keep my sanity.


Lauren’s back has decided to also have a mind of it’s own and host a million little knot buddies.

New York might be one of the most expensive cities in the world but when it comes to quality, hardcore, knot breaking, massages, it is wonderful. And you can go to crazy weird places in Chinatown like this:

20130126-212013.jpgAnd manicures. New York is really good for cheap, quality, $20 mani/pedis.

And cannolis. Lucky me– Chinatown massages are right across from Little Italy famous bakeries like this one:

20130126-212007.jpgYay for a peaceful Saturday in New York.


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