How I Got Into Events

So I’ve gotten some emails from some readers that aren’t my grandma about working in events. Since I’ve gotten a few, I thought I’d make my response public- maybe it will help a few more!

So here it goes-

How did you get into a events?

I realized I wanted to do events way back in high school. This sounds so cliche but I was Junior Class President and my main job was to plan the prom. And I loved it. I loved the logistics. I loved the coordinating. I loved how I felt when the event was so well enjoyed. When the prom was underway, the prom chaperone/one of my favorite high school teachers, leaned over to me and said, “have you thought of doing this for a living Lauren?”. And that was kind of it.

End of big event from very first internship

End of big event from very first internship

When I got to college, I realized that there wasn’t really a great major for events. Sure- there was Hospitality- but I didn’t really want to work in a hotel or something of that sort. So instead, I majored in Public Relations which was the closest thing to what I wanted to do and incorporated a TON of skills that I still used today– uh— hello proofreading… duh.

Since there wasn’t really a Special Events major, I realized that I needed to get real life work experience. So I interned- like crazy. I interned with a bunch of different types of event planning companies giving myself a great idea of the opportunities out there and also really figuring out what type of events that I liked to do. By the time I graduated, I has worked, planned, assisted, coordinated, whatevered, over 200 events.

I also worked through the entirety of my college career- not all jobs were event jobs. But they all had characteristics that were important to events and I made sure to highlight them in my resume!

Details from first independently planned event

Details from first independently planned event

I joined MPI as a student member, got references, and kept my “events circle” tight- knowing if I did a good job, showed I was learning and growing, and had people that could vouch for me, that would help me more than anything else on my resume.

And then I started applying– and truthfully- that is a tricky maze and puzzle all on it’s own (See the entirety of my feelings when I was applying here). And that doesn’t matter what career you are in at all- applying for jobs is just a crazy bitch.

But the one event specific job applying tip I have is that I figured out where to look. Through my internships and my jobs, I realized what type of events I liked, what qualifications I might have over other people my age, and where there might be a need for me. And that is how I got my job.

One of the best internship experience I had was in development. I realized that nonprofit events was a big industry, and I had a lot of experience working in an academic institution– so I put all those together and looked on Higher Education Recruitment Consortium and found my first job in the city!

And the rest is history… or something like that…

Most recent gala at work! Photo by Julie Skaratt

Most recent gala at work! Photo by Julie Skaratt

And that is how I got into events.

But that is just how I got into events. That isn’t saying it is the only way! I know plenty of other people with very different paths. But maybe my story will help some others like me!

If you are interested in events, or have any other questions for me, let me know! Happy to help however I can!


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