The best day of the year…

is today. Why? Cause the legs are back out people. The coats are being shed. The sunglasses are abounding. Snow be gone, it seems the entire city has a spring in its step. The fountain is on and I had an ICED tea this morning. It’s worth repeating… ICED.

That’s right- it’s April and its finally 70 degrees.

It’s a happy day in New York.

(And it hasn’t gotten to this yet.)


Can’t help but notice the similar joy here





2 thoughts on “The best day of the year…

  1. We’re not quite there yet in Montreal, though we’ve had some milder weather but I totally get what you mean. Spring really does re-energize us after a long winter and the first time when you can tell it’s finally here is one of the best days of the year!

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