Guys, I bought a plant

She’s a little baby thing and I found her at The Plant Shed, this little magical indoor garden on the Upper West Side. All the plants are indoor plants. perfect for New York apartments. Brilliant store. Who da thunk it.

I haven’t had much luck with plants in the past, but since I’m approaching my quarter-life crisis and I feel the need to accomplish everything I’ve yet to do (more on that later…maybe), and my new apartment has some great sunlight, I figure now is the time to try again. Who knows, maybe something beautiful will grow in this Harlem apartment. Or maybe I’ll get Audrey 3, (which would be equally as awesome).

So here is my sweet little baby plant. This might be the lamest blog post of all time but its a gosh darn big deal for me. Fingers crossed she lives. Name suggestions are appreciated.



6 thoughts on “Guys, I bought a plant

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