Donut Samaritans



As the cold winds move in, I think fondly of warmer days- my days that would start with a Dunkin Donuts unsweet iced tea… No lemon.

Yes, I know, this is crazy. First I write about a plant and now I’m writing about tea? Way to take a steep decline…

But it’s not just the tea. Stay with me here…

Every morning until recently I’d wake up, go to the gym, and then reward myself with caffeine in the form of a Dunkin unsweet iced tea… no lemon. After a few weeks of this routine, I walked in one morning and before ordering, they placed my large unsweet iced tea with no lemon in front of me. They knew my order!

I was so excited. I’ve never been a regular somewhere before. Me and the Dunkin gang started exchanging morning banter and daily smiles. It was the best way to start my day.

And then it got cold, and I got a bit lazy for the gym, and iced tea was not so appetizing, so my visits to Dunkin ended.

But the other day, I had a craving for the old routine, even if my hand would freeze while carrying my workout reward. So I walked into Dunkin and they immediately smiled and said, “where have you been?!?”. And gosh darn it- It absolutely made my day.

So thank you Dunkin staff at 125th and Lenox. Thank you for your friendliness, your keen memory, and your ability to make me feel like I’m supposed to be somewhere, even if that somewhere is just the line in your franchised store. In a big city and an overwhelming neighborhood, it’s wonderful to feel like I’m part of the community.

And thank you for holding me accountable for going to the gym. Now I know someone knows when I haven’t gone.

So it looks like I need to find a new warm drink at Dunkin… Anyone have suggestions? Just no lemon.


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