Spain & Onward!

Today was a big day on the fifth floor, I booked my next global adventure… Costa Rica! I literally could not be more pumped. What a good day it was indeed.

While booking a trip is always a thrill, this one especially is big for me. Let me take you back a step….

August of 2012, a year and a few months ago, I took a trip to Spain. I didn’t talk about it much at the time since I was taking a break from blogging, but it was a momentous occasion in my life. I’d never had the opportunity to travel abroad in school, beyond a group high school trip, so I was itching to travel and for the first time in my life, had a little money to do so. At that time I was also really focusing inward instead of outward, and was wanting to make some big, soul-moving jumps in my life, so I decided to take the trip alone.

At the time, I didn’t even second guess the solo trip but now over a year later, seeing what I did, and hearing how terrified my parents were, I realize it was a bit ballsy.

But oh my gosh I would not trade it for anything in the world. It was a life changing and soul-moving experience I was looking for.

Traveling Spain changed my life. I have never felt so empowered, so in awe, SO myself, so at peace, or so content in my entire life. It is the best feeling in the entire world.

Since then, I feel like that trip has kept me on my “straight and narrow” per se. Whenever I become lost or overwhelmed, I think back onto that trip and the feelings I felt. After the trip, my concern became finding the way to experience those feelings again- to get back to that place of awe, adventure, and peace.

Finally (or I guess what feels like finally), I’m making my next big jump… to Costa Rica! I’ll be joining my friend Katie who is doing some amazing things down in Punta Uva (please donate!), and then adventuring off (once again solo) into the jungles of Costa Rica. I literally am giggling I’m so excited. 

While everyone can do something once, I think it is harder to get moving to do something again, therefore I’m so pleased that I got my act together (aka piggy bank) to be a solo world traveler once again. I think now I’m really in the swing of things and I’m going to become a little global explorer… I’ve already go my next trips lined up :)

So in honor of the special occasion, for the first time, I’ll share with you a few of my favorite moments from Spain. Cheers to feeling empowered! (By the way, while I’m gone who wants to watch my plant? She is still kicking!!)


3 thoughts on “Spain & Onward!

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