My Last Performance


Tonight as I left work, I stood in the wings and watched my last Nutcracker. Not only because this is the last weekend of the season, but also because I’m leaving my job.

At the end of next week,  I’m not going to be in fundraising anymore (sad), I’m not going to experience all of the exciting upcoming events (very sad), I’m not going to be working with as much “glam factor” (I’m okay with this),  and I’m not going to be working in the arts anymore (this part I am the most sad about).

But this new opportunity came knocking at my door and it is just kind of perfect. It is going to provide me growth. Growth. GRowth. GROwth GROWth. GROWTh. Oh so much GROWTH. So much opportunity to lead, learn, and come into my own. For a while, I feel like I’ve been personally floundering a bit (could you sense it?), but I feel like this new job is coming to me as a gift. I’m taking it, holding it, and running with it.

And I’m still in events. And I’m still in New York. And this new job is bringing me back to where my New York journey started. Back to what I kind of feel are my home roots- back to Columbia and back into the world of Academia.

This time around, I’ll be working in Journalism (my undergraduate degree!) and working on all of the awesome event opportunities there.

So tonight as I watched the Nutcracker fight the Mouse King, the Giant Tree grow into the sky, and the Snowflakes dance around the stage, I tried to soak it all in. It was a beautiful sight to behold, and one I’m so happy to have had the opportunity to be a part of. I will miss it. The craziness of it. The costumes in the halls. The men in tights. The people. The events. The insane amount of artistry.

On to the next adventure right?

And this adventure, I feel… I feel is the adventure made for me.


2 thoughts on “My Last Performance

  1. Very well written, Lauren. I wish you lots of luck and continued growth and success on your life’s journey. I want to see your update one year from now. Love, Grandmary

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