In the meantime…

As I mentioned in my last post, I left my job and am starting another. But in the meantime, I took a few days off to recharge my batteries. It was a busy few days full of getting little tasks done, spending time with friends and going on a big adventure (or what I call- battery power).

In my time off, I hung out in a coffee shop in the middle of the day (so fun!) while planning my Costa Rica adventure!

20140121-225028.jpgI went to a Totto Ramen, a restaurant I’d been wanting to try for a while with a very dear friend (YUM),

20140121-224918.jpgand I hung out in another coffee shop with my newest book obsession.

20140121-224830.jpgAnd then I went on my big adventure– to Denver! I’d never been and heard so many wonderful things. And lucky me has some wonderful friends out there that I had been wanting to visit. AND CAN WE TALK ABOUT THESE MOUNTAINS!?

20140121-224943.jpgEvery new turn in the car left me oohing and ahing at the next mountain range. Based off of my reaction, you’d think they were covered in candy or something. I mean hello gorgeous…

20140121-224936.jpgAnd I got to go skiing. For the first time in YEARS! These old knobby knees held up and I had a blast.

20140121-224927.jpgAnd these friends… OH these friends of mine. How sweet they are. How lucky I am. They are just the tops. The tops of the tops.

20140121-225518.jpgIt was just a wonderful time off. I really never wanted it to end.

But now… the batteries are fully charged. I’m the damn Energizer Bunny. Ready to play that base drum til the sun comes up.


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