The 3rd First Day

First days on the job are always weird. You don’t have anything really to do… but you have SO much to do. But you don’t know how to do anything… but you want to do EVERYTHING. You don’t know where the coffee is… but you REALLY want a cup of coffee. And today, was another first day.

But today was a different first day. It was a GREAT first day. Maybe it was because I have more experience under my belt, maybe it was because I’m back on my “home turf” or maybe it was because I really liked my outfit decision, but I had a great first day.

Now this is hilarious… flashback right? Same school, different terrible ID photo.


(See the 2nd First Day here)

I mean, it can’t be too bad of a first day when you’re greeted with a bouquet of “Welcome Flowers” and a box of office supply treats right?

20140121-232500.jpgAnd a window… Oh the window :)

20140121-232515.jpgDid I mention it was a total blizzard on my first day and I wore heels? Solid move…

20140121-232532.jpgIt was a magical day. Now I’m ready to clear the snow and hit the ground running.

20140121-232523.jpgI’M READY!


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