I’m a murderer

Remember when I bought a plant?

Well I named her Gabby, after the Olympic gymnast, to try to bring that strength and success to my baby plant.

And then I murdered her.


I murdered my sweet baby girl Gabby.

I want to blame it on my schedule, the holidays, or the fluctuating temperature that is my apartment, but truthfully- there is nothing to blame but myself.

I loved Gabby. I watered her. Fed her fancy food. Even sat with her every morning. But I didn’t listen to her. I didn’t let her express herself or follow her dreams. I didn’t let her really show me what she could have been. Instead I just drowned her in my own ideas (and water).

Maybe she was supposed to be a living room plant.

But now we will never know because Gabby left me.

Gabby, I’m sorry. I hope you’re in a better place now- sitting in a flower bed in the sky.

And I hope you take this blog post as an apology. And this photo:


So now on pto the next plant… I’ve got to try right? Better than a pet…

Maybe Dominique will have a better chance.


One thought on “I’m a murderer

  1. Wow! Those plants are pretty hard to kill. I’m sure she didn’t go easily! (Just to make you feel better.) You might want to hold up on the next one until you return from vacation. Love GM

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