This blog is getting violent


I’ve mentioned how excited I’ve been for snow in the city before, cause growing up down south we never got much. I’ve also mentioned how I loathe the cold, cause growing up down south I never felt temperatures so cold.

So it’s been a pretty love/hate relationship with winter.

But this winter- is pure hate. Pure, viscous, unadulterated hate.


I don’t have to explain to anyone what this winter has been- cause we’ve all experienced the snow-storm-a-week, polar-vortex, bitch-of-a-season, winter it has been.

But I do want to remind you that New Yorkers play the snow game differently- cause New York never shuts down. We always go to work, we rarely cancel school and stores continue to stay open. We can’t hide from this damn winter- we have to live in it every single day. (Thank you underground transportation).


Getting anywhere has now become a war against the elements- layer upon layer of clothing, obstacle courses of puddles, stairs compacted in snow, blankets of snow/trash/more snow/more trash/ice. It’s not pretty.

Yesterday, I thought I’d seen the end of it. At the gym, running on the treadmill, I grew excited knowing the days of running outside again were approaching. And when I left the gym– snowing… again. Shame on you, snow. SHAME ON YOU.


So if this winter was a person, I’d punch it. I’d take my smelly, soaking boots and shove them down it’s throat. I’d take my sleeping bag of a down jacket and suffocate it like I’ve been suffocating the last few weeks. I’d make it live in fear like I do every time I have to traverse another un-shoveled sidewalk. I’d make it cry like I did when I saw yet another storm blowing horizontally out my window.

So winter- you’ve been warned. Stay the hell away from me.

Did I mention I’m going to Costa Rica?!? 5 more days until that blessed blessed trip.


3 thoughts on “This blog is getting violent

  1. This reminds me of when we moved to Spokane from Calif. when your mom and uncle were little kids. We could hardly wait for snow. We took pictures of the first snow fall. We bought winter clothes and tires, and then it snowed FOREVER. Spokane had it’s record breaking snow fall in a 100 years. We had to shovel a thousand times plus shoveled the roof so the roof wouldn’t cave in. Also lived in Michigan for 20 years where not only did we have snow and ice until summer, we never saw the sun. The sun helped a lot. Grandmary

  2. Lauren years from now when you bask in the Calif. sun, you will remember this winter in NYC. It’s part of your life’s journey! Love…..

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