Annnnnd it’s Friday

Why hello all…

Linking up with here to share another couple of good things that happened this week. I really like this little exercise– even with how crazy and a bit scary this week was, keeps you remembering the little things ya know?

So here are some my top fivers for the week:

1. While it is currently back to being freezing, we briefly had a spring tease this week where I could enjoy my morning post-gym routine of Dunkin unsweet. And my goodness was it just the best thing. Spring is looking might fine.


2. I went to Treat House this weekend which is one of those shops that can only possibly exist in New York. A store that soley sells mini gourmet rice krispy treats. WHAT? Delicious. And like $3 a treat. I was on a kick for marshmallow after the fact so I bought my first ever jar of fluff. That stuff is nasty. Literally nothing natural in it. But what was I expecting?


3.  My dear friend hosted her 30th birthday this past weekend and it was “An Ode to the Twenties”… like her twenties. Get it?? She’s a genius. And we had so much fun! Always love an excuse to dress up.


4. Someone posted this flyer at my office and just cracked me up. Good job having a lovely sense of humor sir/ma’am!


5. Finally, I’m writing a full post about seeing Rocky on Broadway today and only took one picture (BUT SO GOOD)! So instead of reposting, I thought I’d show this photo of my fam’s pup that I found this week. Hahaha what a weird dog.


Hope everyone has a lovely weekend and TGIF!



4 thoughts on “Annnnnd it’s Friday

  1. Gourmet rice crispies??! That sounds amazing! And they look delicious! Also I love the 20s theme party! Such a fun/clever way to welcome 30! Have a great weekend!

  2. Those treats look amazing! I need to visit this place next time I’m in New York. I love that city!!

    – morg harp nich
    friday instagram link up at if you want to join! :)

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