Rocky on Broadway was insanely surprising


Last night was the opening night of ROCKY Broadway– yes, Rocky like the 1970s meat punching boxer movie. I had the opportunity to see the show on Wednesday night, the very last preview.

While there was no dancing (it is a musical), a variation in speaking accents and singing accents, and a song titled “My nose ain’t broken,” it is still one of the coolest theatrical experiences I’ve ever seen.

From the beginning the show was exciting and captivating.  All of the performances were believable and sincere – even Rocky Balboa himself, who was so lovable, found the line between honoring the film and imitating it and walked it perfectly. There were some great songs too (My nose ain’t broken aside) that are catchy and I’ll be remembering for my book! Because the female lead was an ALTO!

Adrian was fabulous and her songs by far were the best in show.

But the most amazing thing? The set. I have NEVER in my life seen a set like this one (and that kind of says something). During every scene transition I was gasping at how the set was changed and contorted to create the playing space.

The meat locker scene? They did it. The running of the steps? They did it. And the fighting! Oh my gosh the fighting was insane. I was so wrapped up in it and felt like I was in an arena.

Which at one point I was when they literally took us out of our seats, brought us onto the stage and into bleachers, and then the stage actually moved INTO the audience. I felt like a giddy little girl… over a set.

And did I mention the fight choreography? Yeah. Worth repeating again.

The whole production was so well done, so perfectly timed, and I’m sure it cost an amazing amount of money.

It was one if those nights that made me feel very fortunate to live in my city. No where else could I have seen something like this! If you’re around, GO SEE IT.


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