It’s just one of those days

Sometimes you just have those days

I leave work promptly at 7:00 to meet a friend at 7:30 with a normal 30 minute train.

Just kidding- next train isn’t for 10 minutes. I give my friend the heads up- I’ll be a little late.

8 minute pass. A train goes by without stopping.

10 minutes pass. A train goes by without stopping.

The screen telling train time stops working.

A third train goes by.

Announcement- change in schedule- no trains going my direction…. 17 minutes of waiting – a waste.

The completely packed train platform swarms out onto the street.

Did I mention it is raining?

And I don’t have an umbrella.

Busses immediately packed. No cabs available. And the idea of splitting a cab makes me look like an alien to everyone.

I walk 20 blocks to the next train that is working. I’m now soaked (through a down to the skivvies), freezing and completely frustrated.

I was supposed to meet my friend 10 minutes ago and I’m still 25 minutes away.

I’m soaking. I’m frustrated. I’m tired and hungry. I’m a nasty person.

I call my friend to cancel from the station. I hate canceling, but I’m not someone you want to be around right now. While canceling I break down in tears.

I wait for the train back to my house. Tears still present.

While patiently boarding, the woman with the walker behind me makes her presence and her need to get on the packed train known by physically nudging me multiple times with her walker.

I let her ahead of me only to see there is only room for one more person (and walker) left at that train car.

I acknowledge the conductor who is popping his head out of the train window, about an arms length away, so he recognizes my actions and watches as I make my way to the next nearest door.

He then shuts the strangely powerful doors right on me. Right between my shoulder blades. What. The. Shit.

With a full train watching, I pry the doors off me (with no help), cover my face with my hood, and silently cry out of physical and mental pain.

It’s just one of those days.

I grab some wine of my way home. They see my face. For the first time, they don’t card me.

One of those fucking days.


Yes you’re right. That is a large serving of wine.

3 thoughts on “It’s just one of those days

  1. We used to having a saying for times like this if I remember it right. Some days you start out smelling like a rose, and then you fall in a bucket of shit! Tomorrow will be a better day!

  2. UGH those are the worst. I feel your pain. Add “tripping up the escalator, tearing your pants and gouging your knee” and “humid 90° morning with no breeze” to that and I’ve literally felt your pain. Still have the scar on my knee to prove it… You deserve that wine!

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