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When the smell of gas scares you

When the smell of gas scares you

Today as I turned on my stove this morning to make my breakfast I became shaken and I took an audible gasp . As many of you heard, yesterday morning a building exploded in East Harlem- killing 7 and injuring many. Thank you to all that were concerned about my safety- at the time I … Continue reading

My Last Performance

My Last Performance

Tonight as I left work, I stood in the wings and watched my last Nutcracker. Not only because this is the last weekend of the season, but also because I’m leaving my job. At the end of next week,  I’m not going to be in fundraising anymore (sad), I’m not going to experience all of … Continue reading



I crawled out of my warm bed at 6:00AM (still no heat after Sandy/idiot landlord), went down with my fellow Harlemites, and I voted!!! So should you!!!! Two days after getting my New York State license, I used my vote for the next POTUS. I’m officially a New Yorker– totally legally 100%. Seeing the screen … Continue reading

On To The Next Adventure…

On To The Next Adventure…

New York is not about staying stagnant. New York is about chasing dreams. This sounds incredibly cliche and lame. But since moving to New York, it has been my dream to work here: Lincoln Center. The mecca for performance. A celebration of the arts in the middle of the city. Every time I walked onto … Continue reading

Lessons on Being Assaulted

Apologies for the jarring title but last night I got minorly assaulted. Minorly being the key word. But I learned some things from my first-hand experience that seem to be pretty straight forward tips for the cruddy situation. I was transferring trains around 9PM in Times Square. When going though the tunnel I noticed the … Continue reading

Beach Therapy

Beach Therapy

Sitting in the airport, waiting for my flight back to New York, I can’t help but think how amazingly successful this beach trip was. I mean- it was AMAZINGLY successful. So successful in fact that even the airport has been ideal, giving me a $400 flight voucher to take a later flight and free wifi … Continue reading

Commencement/Graduation/Blast and a Half!

Commencement/Graduation/Blast and a Half!

Hello all! Another post that didn’t make the pre-Memorial Day cut for you while #Reunion2012 preparations continue. I KNOW you would have been anxious if you didn’t hear from me! T-minus 2-days… prepare yourselves for an EPIC #Reunion2012 post! I have a really weird fondness for graduations, commencements, whatever you want to call them. The … Continue reading

I’ve Shucked the Oyster. Now What?

Last night, while bored in my business class (I know, I’m sorry, I’m a terrible student),  I went back and read a TON of my old posts from my old blog, Holding the Wind. Like going back and reading a diary, it was hilarious and special to walk down memory lane. I loved how I … Continue reading

Bloggers are Changing the World.

Hi All, I’m not trying to stand on a high horse here. I have terrible balance. But, I wanted to let you all know about a wonderful article that I came upon far too late: Single Dad Laughing‘s “I’m Christian, Unless You’re Gay” And his reader response post that was just released, “A Teen’s Brave … Continue reading

The Joys of Riding the Subway: Part 3

Today I continue my 4 part series on the joys of riding the subway. Check out Part 1 and Part 2 for the full story thus far. This week, I’ve got the most brief but maybe the most important reason for why riding the subway is so cool. 3. Common Courtesy I’ve seen more common courtesy … Continue reading

The Joys of Riding the Subway: Part 2

Week before last, I started my 4 part series on the joys of riding the subway. This week, I’ve got the second reason for why sometimes riding the subway is cool. 2. “Me” time I’ve learned to really appreciate the dead time on the train. It is the only time in the day that you are absolutely forced … Continue reading

That Event that Lauren Screwed Up

To be modest, I don’t mess up. At least not usually. And at least not with events (my personal life I mess up all the time!!) So yesterday when I totally screwed up an event for the first time ever,  it was a surprise and quite the adventure! Let me preface this by saying we … Continue reading

The Joys of Riding the Subway: Part 1

There are a lot of reasons why riding the subway sucks. (Random stalls, never being in charge of your own schedule, having to carry everything everywhere, lack of car, etc.) But since I’ve moved here, I’ve slowly found little perks of riding the subway. Here is the first installment of my 4 part series, “The … Continue reading


The death of Whitney Houston this weekend completely devastated me. I grew up listening to Whitney Houston music. Between my mother’s Jazzercise routines and my complete obsession with the VH1 Divas Live concerts, Whitney was all over my house. I sang Whitney Houston in my 5th grade talent show (I was a confident child). She … Continue reading

Bringing it back in two thousand and twelve.

Why hello blog. Happy 2012. It’s been a while since we’ve been together and truthfully, that was totally intentional.  This holiday season has been absolutley wonderful I got to have some amazing visits with my family in San Francisco, West Virginia, and Tennessee. I got to visit with my lovely friends. I ate at Aubrey’s. … Continue reading

Random and True Part VI- HOLIDAY EDITION!

I’ve learned some random things throughout this crazy holiday season, so before I leave the city for the holiday I thought I would share them in the sixth edition  of random and true- tidbits I’ve learned. HOLIDAY EDITION! In New York, Salvation Army Bell Ringers have to wear uniform. If not, any smart homeless person … Continue reading

Random and True Part V

I’ve got a few posts in the oven but I’ve stacked up on weird little pieces of knowledge! Thus time for the fifth edition of random and true- tidbits I’ve learned. I truly believe the only thing that is completed in an expedited fashion in New York are deliveries from Morton Williams grocery. For a city … Continue reading

Freshly Pressed!!

Thanks to everyone that has checked out my blog on Freshly Pressed!! I’m so happy and humbled! Freshly Pressed is something I have drooled over and to be on it is amazing! If you like my post, I invite you to subscribe to my blog! Let’s start a conversation! I write about New York, new … Continue reading