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Rocky on Broadway was insanely surprising

Rocky on Broadway was insanely surprising

Last night was the opening night of ROCKY Broadway– yes, Rocky like the 1970s meat punching boxer movie. I had the opportunity to see the show on Wednesday night, the very last preview. While there was no dancing (it is a musical), a variation in speaking accents and singing accents, and a song titled “My nose ain’t … Continue reading

Get Ready For It… Reunion 2012

Get Ready For It… Reunion 2012

Phew… it’s Sunday night and I need a weekend. I’m exhausted- and with good reason. As mentioned on Thursday, this weekend was Reunion 2012. For those that don’t know, that means we had 1000 alumni on campus this weekend, with 26 events in 2 days. So yeah, exhaustion is a good word. BUT- it went … Continue reading

Stick ‘Em Up: Craft Night in Harlem

In the an earlier post, I gave you a tour of my Harlem room. Today I’ll continue that tour with my most bold room addition yet… Wall decals. Now when I think wall decals- I normally think of really cheesy quotes like “Reach for the Stars” “Love is in Our Home” “Home is Where the … Continue reading

My Lifestyle Blog Post

I love lifestyle blogs. Sometimes I try to be one. But I just can’t. Is it cause I’m terrible at life? Maybe not. I just don’t think I could teach anyone anything about hair, fashion, nails, DIY, design, etc.  That is why I subscribe to so many blogs. Teach me wise ones. But today, I … Continue reading

Lauren Conquers Food

As many of you know. I’m not a very good cook. When I do attempt to cook, most of the time it works out. But I’m just not knowledgable enough in cooking to whip something together (and for one person and for cheap). So recently I’ve been sticking to frozen meals and hotdogs. But I’ve … Continue reading

Fancy Sparkle Nails

This weekend has been super relaxing. I bought a skirt on sale, went to Eataly for the first time with my laydeez, rocked out some karaoke in Koreatown, and I got some new nail polish. It’s been such a relaxing weekend I decided to get adventurous with my nails AND write a blog about it. … Continue reading

Our Super Party

It’s become a tradition of mine to host a Super Bowl Party (as you can see in my last blog). This is odd because unless the Steelers are in the game,  I don’t care for much but the commercials  (and the logistics for the 8 min halftime show set-up!! WOW!) But this year became special … Continue reading

I Crockpotted!

This last week I got really gutsy and decided to be domestic. I knew I had a busy week ahead and didn’t want to be eating out all the time, so I needed to make a big batch of something. For those of you who know me, or read this post, you know cooking is … Continue reading

Happy Holidaze from Harlem!

So this year, with all of us brand spanking new to the adult world, we didn’t have too much to go on to make our little apartment festive. But we did what we could (and I think we did pretty well). What we didn’t supply in decor, we supplied in baking. Let my holiday spirit … Continue reading

The Holiday Party Built Out of Love.

This past Friday was the Faculty/Staff Holiday Party at Columbia. Of course, the Events Team was put in charge of the event. Oh the perks of being in events! We get to work our own parties! With literally a minuscule budget for 175 people (After 2008 it is amazing we have a party at all!), … Continue reading