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Home & Hair

Home & Hair

Well Happy post-Thanksgiving everyone. I hope everyone’s bellies are protruding as much as mine (mostly just so I don’t feel so self conscious). I’m currently sitting in the O’Hare airport (ie: worst airport of all time) so I figured now is a great time to share my Thanksgiving with you. Unfortunately, I didn’t take a … Continue reading


Hi. Hi! HELLO!!! I’m alive. I promise. I’m sorry I’ve been MIA. I’m still MIA a bit. BUT I’ll be back soon. Stay tuned people… BIG THINGS. -L

Madison Square Eats

Madison Square Eats

Thanks again to my trusty Skint, I heard about another great NYC event called Madison Square Eats. Surprise! It is a food fair- in Madison Square Park! (not the big arena, the quaint lovely park). But of course, being New York, this isn’t just a bunch of standard food stands, the big guns of NY … Continue reading

The Yankee Bell

Well, baseball is back in New York and after a really great deal on Groupon, I decide to get some of those tickets. EMBRACING THE DAY! So for a celebratory evening out, we headed to the Bronx and to Yankees Stadium (a surprisingly quick train ride to my house). It is mammoth. We were up … Continue reading

Lauren Conquers Food

As many of you know. I’m not a very good cook. When I do attempt to cook, most of the time it works out. But I’m just not knowledgable enough in cooking to whip something together (and for one person and for cheap). So recently I’ve been sticking to frozen meals and hotdogs. But I’ve … Continue reading

Photo of the Day: Naked on the Platform

I don’t think I had realized how much winter had affected me! The coats, the tights, the boots, were all bogging me down. After the weather yesterday and an encouraging forecast today, I decided to let me legs see the sun again. I felt so free. I’ve never realized how constrained I felt until I … Continue reading

My Christmas Letter

So I didn’t get my act together this year to send out Christmas cards. Truthfully, I’m so impressed that some cards have gotten to me! (first due to the fact that my sweet friends and family sent cards to Harlem, secondly, because I don’t trust the mail system around here.) So I decided to somewhat … Continue reading

My first visitor!

Yesterday I had the privilege of getting a visit from my favorite dude- my dad. It was SUCH a nice visit!  I’m extremely lucky in the fact that my dad is up here once a month or so teaching classes at Rutgers but this was the first time since I’ve been up here that we’ve … Continue reading