Posted in October 2011

A weekend of rallies: Halloween in New York

Right now I am writing this while doing my laundry and trick-or-treaters are coming in and out of the store. From this sentence you can tell two things: 1. Trick or treating is very different in New York. A bit sad in my opinion, but also adorable cause there are little kids everywhere! 2. Yes- … Continue reading

Occupy Wall Street all up-and-occupied my Friday

So another great event story to share. This one I really could have done without, but I know it is a great learning experience and a hilarious story….kind of. I have the luxury of spending my entire weekend at work (yeah event planning!), starting yesterday we had 4 large (either in size or important) events … Continue reading

The Mouse Saga: Part II

Mouse update from Sunday Yesterday: I purchased steel wool for $9 and plugged every potential hole there might be in the house. If there was a little man in the house, he wasn’t getting out now. Mary Grace purchased traps (sticky and metal). I was opposed to sticky cause of the gruesome stories I’d heard. … Continue reading

The Mouse Saga: Part I

There is a mouse in our house and I am pissed about it. I’m not just pissed. Frankly, I’m terrified. I knew that living in an old building (or just living in New York in general) would allow for the possibility of little friends. I have experienced a mouse problem before. It was not a … Continue reading

“You live in Harlem Boo-Boo”

As I walked down the street with laundry over the shoulder and coffee in hand, a group of men shouted at me “You live in Harlem Boo-Boo.” I still pinch myself. Am I really here? Four years ago living in Knoxville, heck ONE year ago, studying in Bloomington, I would have never in my wildest … Continue reading

Random and True Part IV

I’ve got to be at work at 6:30 in the AM but I wanted to post SO- time for the fourth edition of random and true- tidbits I’ve learned. With every soda in a convenient store, they always give a straw. So not to gulp I suppose. Always carry a little cash for when you find … Continue reading

Fun with the G-Rents

So this weekend I got to party hard with two super cool people… my grandparents. Yeah… be jealous. They came to New York at the end of a Northeast bus tour (coincidentally, they had already planned the trip before I knew I was moving to New York!) So with Grandpa Steve having never been to … Continue reading

The Job: 2 months in

Many people, (and by many I mean my grandparents) have asked me how my job is going. They’ve been wondering since I haven’t mentioned it on here. But in this very momentous two month mark, I thought now would be an appropriate time to divulge. First and most importantly. I am insured! Now that I … Continue reading

Rufus was in the building

So thanks to The Skint (on a role…) I knew that one of my favorite musicians, Rufus Wainwright was in town on Friday night to honor avant-garde director Robert Wilson’s 70th birthday at the New York Public Library. I learned of this “Robert Wilson” in Theater History and hated his work. But- Rufus called. So … Continue reading